Seeking Outstanding Returns Through Investments in Sustainability.

With extensive experience spanning across 3 decades in the digital trading industry, real estate industry, and gold trading, our investment group has succeeded in building trusted partnerships and long-term relationships with institutional investors, private equity funds and real estate investment companies. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of integrated development services of superior value for our customers, enhancing the regulatory acceptance, the speed to market and the return on investment of their products.

Our investments can fully rely on our management expertise and market knowledge, as well as on synergies in the use of various financial products and services. We focus on leveraging our investment experience, global network, and market access, helping turn entrepreneurs into champions. Our professional strategy is based on the key principles governing the activities of the global capital markets and combines them with the specifics of the emerging UK investment securities market.

Our affiliation with these professional bodies, as well as our frequent participation in international conferences and seminars, is an opportunity to interact with leading companies and professionals in the industry, sharing knowledge and experience on up-to-date standards of risk and investment management. We are constantly investing in Research & Development in order to continue improving the quality of our products which help our clients to optimize their business.


After 1 day

  • Profit: 101% - 130%
  • Investment Payout: After 1 Day
  • Minimum Invest: $10
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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After 3 Days

  • Profit: 140% - 450%
  • Investment Payout: After 3 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $300
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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After 5 Days

  • Profit: 580% - 650%
  • Investment Payout: After 5 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $1001
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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What We Do

We constantly striving for quality, modernisation and reaching
world class standards

We prefer to invest in early stage ventures where our expertise and experience can leverage our financial investments to help realize the full growth potential of the business. We help our portfolio companies reach new markets, develop innovative business models and improve product offerings, and are uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding results to our shareholders and create maximum positive impact for all stakeholders, the environment and society at large.

As directors of Todelre Fund we have considerable experience and knowledge of the international Investment Market. We have identified that the current economic downturn has created a climate where it is possible to acquire valuable assets at considerably less than their true value and so offer excellent potential for capital growth.

Our team of professionals with experience and education from North America, Europe, and Asia manages individual investment portfolios of clients from more than 35 countries.